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Medford Trails for Kids    Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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This page is for people who have their own web sites.  By filling in the form below, your site will be submitted to the top ten search engines.

This process could take you quite a while to do manually, but at Medford Trails, it only take a few minutes.  There are other places on the internet that offer this service and charge between $15.95 and $159.95.  Some of these services claim to list you on up to 500 search engines,  here you get just ten.  HOWEVER, these are the most important ten on the internet.  I feel the most important search is Google.  Google provides their data to Yahoo and AOL.  Considering that AOL provides service to 65% of the people on the internet, this makes Google #1 in my book.

In addition to the services that charge to submit your site, there are some "free" ones too.  I've tried these services and the spam I received afterwards was unbearable.   Your email address is required by most of the search engine companies, and will be passed on to them,  but Medford Trails will not spam or sell your information to others.  So what does Medford Trails get out of this? Nothing.  But if you feel we've provided you a service, you might consider making a donation to offset our operating costs.  All you have to do is click the "Donate" button below.  You'll be taken to a PayPal page where you can enter in any amount.  Even a dollar would be appreciated.

Consider a donation to Medford Trails! Just click on the donate button and give as little as $1


After you hit "Submit!" your browser will open 10 frames that will monitor your progress.  You can close the window after all activity ceases.  After your site has been submitted to the various search engines, it can take up to two months for them to index your site and list it in their directories.  

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* - note: e-mail is requested by most search engines. 
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