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The University of Virginia is the home of the Kevin Bacon Game. The Oracle at Virginia was originally conceived by Brett Tjaden. In case you haven't heard,  Kevin Bacon is the center of the universe and can be link to any star in less than five steps.  It's fun and will keep you awake at nights trying think of actors that are far removed from Kevin Bacon.  If the Kevin Bacon game is old to you,  the game can now be played between any two actors. 
Now you can play right from here!
Here's the Original
Link any actor to Kevin Bacon!
Enter the name of an actor or actress:
e.g. Elvis Presley or Robert De Niro or Sarah Jessica Parker

Interesting Facts: Bacon NumbersThe Center of the Hollywood UniverseThe Top 100The Hall of Fame Acknowledgments 
Here's The New Game:
Star Link!
Link any two stars together:

Enter the names of any two actors,  just like the unlikely pair shown above.
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